Ideal Dental, Inc is a privately owned Dental Management Organization focused on providing the very best patient experience for the Medicare and Medicaid population. Ideal Dental is a licensed brand used by Ideal Dental Clinical Operations, owned and operated by licensed dentists. The dentists and staff treat every patient with empathy, respect and compassion, building trust and rapport while delivering the very best dental care. .

Ideal Dental, Inc. today serves as one of the largest dental providers for the Medicare and Medicaid population in South Florida. Our system delivers fully integrated solutions based on quality performance to provide the proper care for the unique needs of our patient population. We accomplish this through focused teamwork, hiring the best talent we can possibly find, and training our team to deliver the best in care and attention.

The IDEAL Vision

''A team of highly trained and motivated professionals with an unmatched commitment to help our patients; this will earn us their confidence and preference. This exceptional pledge will establish our leadership as the premier dental management organization.

Our duty is to repair, maintain, and improve the dental health of our patients. Our mission is to keep them smiling.''

Corporate Philosophy

From the waiting room to the dental chair, we strive to deliver the most enjoyable and comfortable patient experience possible. We understand the importance of developing caring relationships and mutual trust with each one of our patients. Our dentists and staff do an excellent job with clinical treatment, patient education, and homecare recommendations. Ideal ensures that our dentists, hygienists, assistants, and other staff maintain complete certifications for their delivery of dental care.

Our objectives are those of high quality and preventative care. Dental care is an essential component of a patient’s overall healthcare regimen. Proper patient education and good dental hygiene can eliminate many potential bacterial infections and routine dental examinations can help detect diseases, such as diabetes, in its early stages. At Ideal Dental, our goal is to partner with the medical provider to keep patients healthy and to create beautiful smiles for them to share with their friends and family.